Camera/LCD Rearview mirror install

Hey everyone! First time posting here. Hopefully this is allowed. I filmed a tutorial on how to add a Wolfbox LCD rearview mirror and camera on a truck with a GFC. Pretty straightforward process, but when I did it to my own truck there wasn’t any GFC specific instructions. My buddy asked me to do it for him, so hopefully this tutorial is helpful to someone!

GFC Camera/LCD Rearview Mirror Install


Awesome video! Have been looking for something like this for a while. 2 questions: 1) why did you choose that camera set up 2) why that location?

Thanks! I chose the Wolfbox because it was the highest-rated and most affordable option I could find on Amazon. I chose this location because I wanted an angle up high and it just made the most sense to me compared to other options. The only other spot I considered was near the license plate, but the angle would have been too low and I wasn’t exactly sure where I would be running the wire through.

Hopefully that answers your questions!

Great video. I love the mirror camera setup.
I’ve been running a camera near the license plate for a year and it worked but would be blinded at night by headlights and not the best angle. I thought of putting it up higher like yours but I leave the hatch open sometimes when I’m hawling my mountain bikes or trips to HD. So I ended up putting it in the tailgate handle. This has worked great so far. I 3d printed a mount and a cover for it so it’s recessed in the handle and does not interfere with the use of the handle.


Looks great! My camera does end up looking at the sky during my trips to Lowe’s, so this is definitely a better install location if you can make it happen.

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