Camper bumping against factory third light

I just picked up a new to me Camper built for the Colorado and installed on my Colorado. Set along the side and front bed rails it contacts the factory third brake light. When I set it back enough to give clearance the frame is at least an inch from the front bed rail. Any suggestions…is there a third light delete?

Have you checked to verify the camper is square on the truck bed. It may not be based on the 2nd picture.

Yeah that was just when i was moving it recently. It is square now and still sits 1 1/4" from the front rail while giving me 1" of clearance on the light which any closer the bed flexes and contacts the light.

Not the same situation as yours, but my campers front window was only an 1/8" from the window on the cab. Squeaked like crazy whenever bed flexed, and couldn’t move camper back or it wouldn’t sit right on front bed rail. I had to remove bed of truck and ream out the bolt holes to move the bed back 3/4". Now everything sits proper and no rubbing. Hope you come up with a simpler fix.

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