Camper Comparisons

Hello everyone! Want an honest comparison between GFC and OVRLND. I want to hear as much as possible from everyone. I just canmt decide between the two.

I have a 1st Gen 6’ bed Taco. What’s the best option?

GFC has been on the road for the past 18 months, retrofitting folks V1 campers to the new hinges, because “it’s the right thing to do” (their words).

I doubt many (any?) other companies would be willing to put themselves out there, admit to problems in their product(s), then go out of there way to remedy the situation, at no additional cost (or inconvenience) to their customers.

IMO, it speaks to the ethics and morals driving company, which is important to me. It means my camper will continue to be an asset, rather than a liability; something that I can count on (both the camper, and the company) for years to come.

I have no experience with OVRLND, so I don’t know how they compare in that respect.


I sure wish i had some full size barn doors. :grin: but they are both good designs.

I’ll add to @prakashsurya GFC also responded to the leaking problem pretty quickly with a reasonable solution

I like how much headroom I have upstairs on the taller end. I can get changed and don’t feel cramped. the top pops up in seconds and closes in a minute with no drama or wrestling

Many of the GFC owners in this forum had options to buy any camper on the market today. Like you they choose to ask questions, research other products and came back to GFC. Are GFC campers perfect? No. But the company is constantly seeking to be better through engineering, research and development and customer service. For me that is huge! These campers are not cheap, but this sport is not cheap neither. In the next couple of months you will have a unique opportunity to see both OVRLND and GFC campers at Overland Expo West - Flagstaff, AZ. GFC usually has an exhibit there and OVRLND is based in Flagstaff, AZ. Compare them up close and personal.
Happy hunting!

I’m an early adopter of the V1 GFC. It’s a great lightweight camper that allows me to camp and still have a rig that I can use as a truck. That’s why I decided on GFC. It’s light, always available for a last minute camp weekend, and I didn’t change my truck other than putting a GFC “cap” on it. I didn’t do an extensive build out. I left things simple. Many have plushed up their campers with a more comfortable build. Great ideas here. The options are endless. Tacomas don’t love weight, so a light starting point is better, IMHO. Both GFC and OVRLND campers are going to be what you make them. Both have a sleeping area, most other aspects will be how you build out. Have fun.



Really depends what you want out of your camper. If you are planning on a more livable full build out then the OVRLND could be nice. If you want to keep more truck functionality then the GFC wins for sure.

Also not that it matters to everyone, but the GFC makes your truck look better and the OVRLND makes it look quite a bit worse. I just saw one this morning and it is for sure a big ol’ box on the back.


I agree with @jedgar on the aesthetics point. It isn’t everything, but it does matter to me! Ovrlndr’s are pretty hideous.

My experience is that I reached out to them about an atlas multiple times. Never got a response…so there’s that. And I agree with @jedgar, from a looks standpoint, gfc is killing the competition.

I think everybody here has made some great points.

Hard-sided campers (well, fixed-sided maybe?) might have an edge for building out to live inside. But you pay for it with all the weight.

On the other hand, these are Go Fast Campers so they really shine when you keep it light. In the end, I think it comes down to one thing for me:

Cabana mode!!!

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I chose GFC recently because of the customer service. I was originally looking at SP. Alu-cab was an option, but it’s just too big. GFC wins for the best looks, light weight, and outstanding customer service. I’m happy with my decision. Actually, I just paid mine in full today, and getting installed in June. Pretty stoked!


Have you read what they are saying on the ovrlnd forum? I suggest start there


This is all great info and comments. I’m this close👌🏼 to purchasing one and I want to get the best bang for my buck. I’m excited for either one.

Thanks all!

Browsing around and found this side-by-side comparison on the 'Tube: OVRLND Camper vs Go Fast Camper Side by Side Comparison - YouTube

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After watching it, you’ll be able to tell which one the reviewer likes best. :wink:

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To me. The GFC is not the ultimate camper. Nor does it try to be. I’d love a flatbed or slide in at some point but the GFC is light, looks great, doesn’t ruin your trucks driveability day to day. Way more better than an RTT. Price is pretty reasonable (this is obviously perspective). $8k is a lot of money but the design, convenience, everything, completely worth it. I think anything more bare leaves a lot to be desired but anything between this and a slide in/flatbed is just costing you more money for more compromise. That’s how I viewed it. No point in spending $10-$15k on a OVRLND or Project M when it leaves a lot to be desired from a full build out. But costs a lot more than a GFC.

For camping and a great truck camper the GFC is the ultimate. I use mine mostly for work as a carpenter which makes my life a lot easier with the all around opening panels and the options for a rack. Then I can always head out on a minute notice and fish and camp with this. I love the design of the GFC for these reasons. Good luck on your choice and welcome here!

One thing to consider is that one of these units may fit in your garage one may not.