Camper completed before original start date

My build went much faster then I thought it would and am picking it up this week. I plan on buying the custom roof rack that one of the guys on here sells, but for now I have the OEM rack on my 2nd gen. What have you guys done about your rack for install? Should I just remove and seal up for now? I don’t have the insert that would replace the rack.

Don’t know anything about your rack situation, but GFC is clearly following a sound business format… Under promise and over deliver. I hope to get mine before my original start date prediction as well. Congrats on your camper. I’m getting excited.


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How quick was it built?

@anon72572904 94 days. But…, when I paid my deposit my original START date was not even until April. Build #671

@derekg i think the rack you are talking about is made by @gmartin284 or i really like mine and cool dude