Camper Install (at GFC HQ location) Moved Up!

I was originally scheduled to have my camper installed October 2024 (Ordered December 2023) but received a reschedule link yesterday and was able to move it to 04/06/2024. Still waiting on the official confirmation of rescheduled date, but if you previously ordered and have a super long wait for install, check your email! You can likely reschedule it until the link expires on 02/18/2024. It seems to only apply to GFC HQ installs for now, but we’ll see what happens the rest of the month.


Received verbal confirmation on the phone on 02/21/2024 of my rescheduled install date/time and received email confirmation 02/23/2024.


Just curious if you’ve received official confirmation from GFC with your new date?

I have not other than the form completion notice once I chose the new date and submitted it. Supposedly will be getting an email with it in the next week or two.


I’ve yet to get the confirmation of my change as well.

I’m not too worried about it, just hoping quality doesn’t slip with these massive timeline shifts.

How many months did your install tentatively move up?

Requested to move it from end of August moved it to mid May.

that was my worry as well if there has been QC issues already idk how they are going to have a massive influx and get better QC.

Guess we’ll see! Hopefully they release some content soon explaining it. If not, I’m planning on asking about it at my install.

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Also got moved up from August to June. You can call GFC @ 406-303-5181 if you have questions. I confirmed new date and was sent confirmation email.

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I moved from Aug to mid April. Already had a 2 week roadtrip booked and planned for Aug so if my request didn’t go through not a huge deal still taking that road trip anyway. Moved up to April already had some vacation days scheduled and was going to go to Southern UT for some camping figured why not just drive another 20 hours round trip and get the camper early and then i can use it for the summer season and Expo in Flagstaff

I figured there busy with all the requests if i don’t see a confirmation by the end of the month I’ll give them a call to confirm


Sounds like a fun trip! I’m busting mine out in a single weekend but it’s only about 12 hours each way so shouldn’t be too bad.

I saw them say on Instagram last night that the emails will be going out by the end of this week. @RGESPO above said you can give them a call and they’ll confirm on the spot if we really need to know though.


Emai confirmations starting to go out. Got mine today


Just got mine also!


Not GFC HQ specific but email about revised partner shop install dates was sent out last week.

I’m scheduled for install in NC and stoked to be getting my GFC earlier:

  • Original tentative ship date: July 15
    • New tentative ship date: June 4
    • Delta: -41 days