Camper lighting option (Hardkorr)

Is anyone running this system? I just ordered it and will install it in a few weeks when I pick up my camper. It looks like an excellent option for the camper. Hardkorr makes great products, so I thought I’d share.

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I also bought the LED light strip for the tent ceiling and the 3-way splitter to run them from one plug. I love that I can run separate dimmers. Hoping it works as planned.


Looks great! How did you end up attaching them?

Just used 3M VHB tape. It’s not going anywhere.

I bought my kit for $120 here:

Was thinking about getting the LED strips as well, but got a few of these instead so I could use them for lighting around camp and the truck:™-dual-color-battery-powered-led-lantern


I’ll be following this one as well

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I just ordered the GFC kit with two dimmers. Can’t wait to install. This is the perfect solution I was looking for and was considering making it myself but they seem to have it dialed.

Just installed this kit and am so stoked about it! I installed differently than shown: put one of the big bars on the tailgate, the other one in the tent, and the little one in the back. It’s plenty of light. The only issue is I’d bought 2 dimmer to have the upstairs tent light separate but it’s not the right connection to use that way. I’m going to email them.


Where did you run the wire “upstairs” through? Is the top not sealed from the bottom of the GFC when the cushions are in place?

I drilled a hole through the white honeycomb plastic under the foot of the bed

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Thats what i was thinking. Thanks!

That is a sweet setup! Love the ambiance, looks so warm and comfortable! Great little lounge idea

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