Camper mattress size questions

I’m looking to pull the trigger on a camper and had a couple mattress size questions-

  1. Is the actual mattress (internal sleeping dimension) the 56x90 listed in the description? Or is that the total outside dimension of the tent portion meaning that the internal size is smaller?

  2. Any users out there on the taller size (I’m 6’2)? Do you find that the sleeping length is long enough? I’m wondering how much the closed end of the clamshell hurts the inside sleeping length

Any info/opinions would be great. Thanks!

  1. Yeah, the mattress on the XL camper measures 56”x90”.

  2. I’ve got the standard camper so it’s six inches narrower but the length is the same. I think you’ll have enough room. I measured 79 inches of “usable length” (where you have at least 1-ft of height). The shorter area is a great spot to store clothes and gear for the night.

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That is awesome. Thanks for the measurements and pic! The ‘usable length’ is exactly what I was wondering about.

I have a standard camper as well on a Tacoma. I am 6’1" and a pretty active sleeper and don’t feel restricted at all in terms of space when my gf and I are up there.

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Thanks for the reply, and good to hear. I’ve got my order in!