Camper Mattress!

What’s up guys?!
I’m Kevin, new to the forum.
So I’m unit #491 & it’ll be ready in three months, if all goes well.
I’ve been hearing around this forum & from friends that own GFC’s about the mattress. I’ve heard they are 3", but more recently I’ve heard they are 2" thick. Does anyone have any feedback or clarity on the mattress? Specifically what they are currently using for the new campers being sent out.

The mattress is 2in.

Like you I’m still waiting on my GFC. Others that believe the new mattress needs help are adding a 1" Latex topper cut to size to make a 3" mattress. Word is the sheets still fit with the 1" topper added to the 2" mattress.

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The originals were 3” and at some point they switched to 2” to match the RTT version.

Any issues with it? Stiff? Comfy?

I do find it a little stiff however I am a little picky when it comes to a mattress. I put a 2" memory foam topper on top of the mattress and that feels really good. It’s kind of hard to close though so I have been rolling up the topper and putting it in a box. I’m thinking of trying a 1" topper and see if that’s still comfy but hopefully easier to close. I have laid on the old 3" gfc mattress and I thought that was a little stiff for my taste too.

Kinda sounds like a pain in the ass, if you ask me


The 2 inch mattress was not very comfortable for me. Added a 1.5 inch memory foam from amazon and now it’s super comfortable and still closes up just fine.

You just roll it out on top & leave it there?

I’m thinking of buying one of these to replace the 2” mattress:

I’m concerned the 3.25” thickness may be too much to close the tent when bedding is included. Has anyone seen this mattress in person?

I cut it up to match each individual panel and my lady made some custom sheets to keep everything in place.

Taking four pieces of memory foam and stuffing them into an 18 gallon box takes about 30 seconds. Regardless I plan on doing something more permanent like what @mode7 did. Check his build thread for pictures. It looks really good and clean.

After the install of my GFC on my way home from Montana I spent several nights on just the two inch mattress and I thought it was fine but I was looking for something more plush and comfy.

Bt the way when sleeping in bunk mode I can leave the two inch memory foam up top and close the gfc no problem. It’s with all the cushions and topper everywhere that makes it difficult.

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I have a 2” mattress.
I ordered a 2 1/2” memory foam topper. I’m planning on removing the GFC foam and trying to stuff a 2 1/2” inside the gray cover.
It if doesn’t work then I’m just going to leave it on top, cover it with the sheets and hope it still closes.
If not I’ll stuff them in a tote.

Nice idea. Lets us know how it goes. I was thinking of trying something similar.

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I tried that with my memory foam, granted it was a total of 3.5 inches. I was able to get it in, but the foam was so compressed that it didn’t do anything.

That’s why I didn’t push it and went 2 1/2”.

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You guys think it’s really worth it? The camper in general, I’m hearing multiple people saying their panels are falling off & EVERYONE said the mattress is like sleeping on concrete…

My panels haven’t had a problem and my mattress is super comfortable.


Newer or older mattress?

Older, mines one of the first 20 or so built.