Camper Mattress!

Oh. I have considered buying it to do just that. I’m not sure if it would yet. The 3” Amazon one was a snug fit.

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So how is laying on the Hest thus far?

I like it

Looks like Hest is doing a 20% sale for everyone on their site!


I got my Dually yesterday and popped them into the tent. My take so far:

  • Width fits perfectly
  • Length is shorter than the tent, but, not the end of the world
  • You can fold it to the side, or towards the front
  • I’d like to do something with the edges of the square panels
  • I don’t think cutting it up and putting it in the transform-a-floor canvas panels is feasible. You’d loose a lot of the benefit of the mattress by pre-compressing it (See attached picture. I’ve got a 3" memory foam in there now)

Took a nap in there yesterday and it’s way more comfortable for me. I’ve got a bad back and hip so it’s worth it for me.

Side note: I’ve got a precut 3" Memory Foam mattress someone else recommends and a set of Overland Softgoods Sheets I’ll put up for sale.


I ordered a Hest from REI just in case.

I did find some similar “open cell” foam though online and bought a 3 in topper $50 for a queen. Many reviews say that the cold weather doesn’t affect it like normal memory foam. I asked to buy foam directly from Hest but they couldn’t do it.

If it fails, will most likely do the Heat like you did.

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Just a thought…I’d probably cover those panels in indoor/outdoor carpet. Would look good I bet. Might do that if I fully switched to the Hest.

While not in a GFC but I thought this was interesting LA cruiser cut up his HEST for the Camptec popup


I may make custom covers that will fit the Hest mattress in the future. You only really need to do the panels that pop out. I’m sure my legs/feet don’t care. :slight_smile:

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I will be testing some open cell foam I found for $50 first. Will report back with some colder temperatures.

Any luck with the amazon foam?
Care to share the product you went with?

The foam WOULD work (down to ~40º maybe slightly cooler), but I have determined bigger mattress covers are needed. I reached out to @overlandbedz but no response. He was making 4 inch GFC covers which would be perfect. Someone on the foams used them + the Hest and it worked perfect.