Camper owners: Join the GFC Pro Team!

Hey y’all!

Taylor from Go Fast here. I want to invite those of you who own a Go Fast Camper to join our Pro Team. What does that mean? It means you own one the worlds lightest, strongest, and coziest sleeping situations on top of your trusty rig. You run with the big dogs! We’re proud to call you one of our own and want to feature your build on the new GFC website that we’re working on. Whether it’s a tow pig, a scud missile, a mountain goat or a grocery getter, we want to know more about your truck.

I most likely already have some info on what you drive from the initial order process, but we want to know more. Take some time to fill this page out and send us a photo of your truck. Once you hit submit you’ll be redirected to an image uploader. If you’ve changed vehicles since you received your camper let me know and I’ll update your profile. We’re stoked to have you on the team!

*a quick note
When uploading photos of your truck, please follow this image guide. Submissions that don’t follow this guide most likely won’t be accepted.


i owe you a side shot…


When you have a photo ready you can upload it here.

why though? …

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You’ll see…:sunglasses:

A dead on side shot of something horizontal in portrait goes against everything I’ve ever learned about photography, haha.


Does joining mean we can get hinges repaired quicker?

Are photos from the side showing duct tape holding a side panel and hinge together acceptable?

Asking for a friend :thinking:


I foresee a video with all of the trucks scaled & centered in the frame, flashing by at a high rate, with a cut to Graeme or Wiley launching a GFCed truck over a dune.


@2ayne We’ll be cropping them to square, which is why we’re asking for a vertical photo. @han That wasn’t the plan…but you’re giving me some good ideas :face_with_monocle:. @Borrego_Taco our boy @Mike_GFCUSA is working hard on getting hinges fixed and getting the PIT started up.


Am I the only one getting tired of hearing about you hinge saga and duct tape. GFC has customer service beyond any company I have ever dealt with and am completely worn out with your whining on every forum imagineable. Your like a bad dream that won’t go away. Sell your GFC and move on. Trust me it will sell in 24 hrs even with all your crying about them.


I think the product is almost awesome. The early builds had some non negligible issues that many of us have experienced. When repaired, I hope it is everything it was supposed to be. As hard as I am on gfc, I want gfc to succeed and do better for future customers and past customers since the concept is great.


Hi Taylor.

20 characters.


:wave: hello Daniel :wave:

Finally got an opportunity to grab a submission… uploaded :metal:t2:


Submitted one!
(20 Characters)

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I still have no idea why we did this.


Once the new website is up you will see it!