Camper Panels/Stitching

Do all the campers not have an aluminum cap on the front part? My rear panels have an aluminum trim piece that cover the honey comb. My front panel doesn’t have anything.

Also, anyone else have really sloppy stitching around their tent? My last camper wasn’t like this.

I’ll include photos.


More photos

Looks like you definitely might be missing one of the side channels. Hopefully @GFC-Thayne can shed some light and assist. I’d make sure to reach out and submit a service ticket if you haven’t already.

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Okay. I’m missing it on both sides. I feel like the attention to detail on this camper is seriously lacking from the first one I had. I’ve submitted two service request already. One for my pulled stitching, which they offered to replace the tent material, and I declined, as I didn’t want them losing money and contributing to waste. They sent a video on adjusting material and a patch kit. Did material adjusting, but it only did so much.

The second request was for my camper latches being off, and not being able to fasten them. I was told to hit with a rubber mallet to realign the camper. That didn’t really work, and the latches are still really hard to open or even get latched.

I don’t know, just a way different experience from my first v2.

Bummer well I’m sure support will take care of ya! Just send an email and photos over; should hopefully respond by end of Monday or Tuesday

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I submitted a request. I also noticed my rear panel is short on one side and doesn’t match the other side.

The 2 squares on mine doesn’t have covers on the sides

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Well, @GFC @GFC-Thayne Shawn, at GFC came through like GFC always does. Fantastic customer service. He did say, my rear panel was a little out of tolerance and is sending me a brand new one. He offered to replace the tent, which I declined, as it doesn’t inhibit it’s use. He offered multiple times to do it, and said if I changed my mind, let him know.

I’m telling you, there is no customer service like this. I have very few companies that offer this kind of customer care, and GFC is one of them. We didn’t even just talk about my issues. Shawn ran me through details on their manufacturing process, things they are doing, and the changes they’ve made since the past. I love these types of things, so it was really rad to hear about.

Lastly, if anyone is on the fence about buying a tent in fear of water intrusion/leaks, stop worrying! I just say in a downpour last night in the Adirondack’s. Zero leaks. If some crazy thing did happen, you know GFC is squaring you away. Future customers/lurkers, just buy one already.

Anyhow, I’m signing off with this post. No need to carry it on. Thanks, Shawn, and thanks to GFC for still treating your customers right.



The folks at GFC are mighty fine. They have always gone above n beyond in multiple situations.


They truly are! :call_me_hand:t3:

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The customer service is why I’m not even thinking of switching to a diffuser camper. The new Addax one was unveiled and honestly I don’t see Jeep stepping up. I’m be had issues with my Gladiator and it’s been radio silence but when I mentioned to GFC that one of my bolts was extruding farther than the others they replaced every bolt on the front for me without question.

Literally the definition of solid warranty. Wish everything was backed like my camper lol I have a feeling I’ll be using my GFC longer than my truck.