Camper Selling Advice

I am picking up a new GFC camper in November and need to sell my 4 wheel Camper Fleet (I missed being able to use the back of my truck:)). Any thoughts on best way to do this? - wish they had a forum like this!



What type of truck do you have? There is probably a forum out there for the make/model of truck, or you could look at craigslist/facebook market place.

fwc has a facebook page. Also expedition portal forum seems like a hot spot for selling FWC. I have been scouring the earth for a FWC Hawk that is not all jacked up on price.

There’s an Instagram page and Website called Used Four Wheel Campers.

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Yeah, list it with Used Four Wheel Campers mentioned above, it’ll probably be gone in a few days at most.

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Use expedition portal. They have a classifieds space where things seem to go quickly.

Wander the west is another excellent forum for selling four-wheel campers.

Thanks everyone. Great advice! Looking forward to my GFC in November…