Camping Near Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

Making the trip up to MT at the end of May for my install and planning to spend a few days with my new GFC exploring Yellowstone and Grand Tetons before heading back down to SoCal. Anyone willing to share any tips/recs on some good camp spots outside the parks? Cheers!

Plenty of NFS roads On both sides of Yellowstone. Lots East of the Tetons. Cruise around a GPS service like Gaia or On-X and you’ll find plenty of places to explore.

Half the fun is finding your own spot.


Thanks! Yeah Ive been scouring On-X and have found a bunch, almost too many actually haha so was hoping to get some input to narrow down my options. But I definitely agree and am looking forward to exploring the area to find some spots. Looks like you’ve found some great ones and that power wagon is a rad setup!

Still a lot of snow on the ground around these parts. So you may find access limited, even towards the end of May. Also seasonal closures due to wildlife migrations. So just pay attention to boundaries and signage. I’m sure you’ll find something though. Cheers.


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Thanks, that’s good info. I’ve already looked into a few areas that are closed through June 1st for Grizzly migrations so I’ll be just missing that opening unfortunately.

that sunrise pic was awesome!

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Best of luck on your journey, made that trip in March for install and enjoyed it all.

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Headed to get camper install in June. Headed to Yellowstone then. I’ve been before, but the wife has not. Excited for her to experience it. Sure is beautiful there.

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I’ve had good experiences at both Baker’s Hole campground ($20 night) about two miles north of West Yellowstone and Cabin Creek Campground ($10 night) about fifteen miles northwest of Yellowstone off Hwy 287. Your best bet is to stop by the Hebgon Lake Ranger station which is right next to town. Stop in and ask the rangers where the best free camping is.

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