Camping with 4 in a GFC


I’m looking to place a deposit soon, but I thought I’d ask this question…

How do you sleep 4 in your GFC?

I’m thinking…
Upstairs - Me & my wife
Downstairs - 8 and 5 year old kids

I’ve got a 2017 F150 5.5’ bed, so my wife and I could go down there, but it would be tight since I’m 5’9" and the wife is 5’7"…

We’ve got a tent too (if campground camping) and honestly, I’m not getting the GFC so much for the tent as I am for day trips to hike, ski, bike, fish, OBX, tailgate, etc.

At this point, we camp in campgrounds, but plan to change that soon and hopefully take some big trips from NC out west over the next 5-8 years.


A friend of mine use two fold up cots in the bed of his truck for the kids. That way you don’t lose storage space in the bed of your truck.

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Obviously things will change a bit as your kids get into their teens but the upstairs/downstairs works well. I purchased two of these for the kids to sleep on:

They store wonderfully, can be washed and are extremely comfortable. Have fun!

Where in NC are you? I’m at the coast, near Morehead. I have a F150 with the 5.5 as well and debating the same issues with the kids. Thinking I can fit them downstairs.

The first thing I’d consider if I was in your situation is a drawer system so the kids can sleep on top of your packed gear without inhibiting access to gear at any time.


We do four with similarly aged kids (7 and 10). I built a platform (see the photo) with some shallow totes below for our gear. The setup works really nicely, but is is just a little tight right before bed when we are getting sleeping bags arranged. Its fun though with all of use inside. Feels like a tree house. The kids love it. The extra 1/2’ in your bed length bed will be nice, as I am running a 5’ Tacoma and wish I had a little more length. If you get a decent mattress, you could put just your wife downstairs and have both kids with you upstairs. We often do this. It is usually much warmer warmer downstairs because of the solid walls and the extra ceiling insulation.

FYI, toddler mattress make great downstairs beds if you haven’t pitched ours from your 5 year old. We had this bed from Ikea that the kids grew out of, but the mattress is now our downstairs truck bed. My wife actually prefers to sleep down there because the mattress is so comfortable.

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Thanks for all the replies! Sounds doable!!