Can You Remove the Front Panel in a GFC?

Is there any issue with removing the front panel (between the truck cab and the bed)? Would it be difficult to remove and then re-attach?

I’m not planning to do it frequently, just on a long trips with dogs in the back (like the many other good, outdoors-loving people on this site). I would like to get air flow while keeping the dogs in the truck. I’m not worried about high temps where I am.


Are you just looking for an extra bit of airflow to keep your dog comfy? If so, here’s some info from our Support & FAQ page that might help.

Also, here’s a quick step by step breakdown of the process. Open a side panel > close the rear latch > close the panel as you normally would > and then close the the other latch, locking the panel in place. This creates an opening for airflow and will not bend the panel or affect your hinges.

That said, we would strongly advise against removing the front panel for a few reasons.

  • It requires you to loosen all bed clamps in order to move the camper back, allowing the necessary space to remove the panel. This can damage your bed seal and is a pain to do alone.

  • This would then create a large amount of drag and give ample access for dirt and debris to enter the camper. Your pooch wouldn’t love that.

Hope this helps!

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Awesome, that’s the info I’m looking for. Thanks!


So you are recommending that again? When GFC originally advised people to do this they rescinded it. Is it only for the V2 or?

Yes, we are recommending it, but great question regarding if this works for both models. While it wasn’t an intentional part of its design, the method I described above is only recommended for the V2 due to the difference in panel design.

That said, we’re working on a few projects in house that will help with ventilation. But that’s on the DL for now. :zipper_mouth_face:


We totally hear ya, and thanks for being patient, buddy! Improvements like this take time, R&D, and resources to create the right solutions. The cool thing about us is that we tune into places like this forum, and do what we can to meet those requests. As soon as we can, we will share what we’re working on with all of you. Trust me when I say the engineering team is hustling on that, as lot of us have four legged friends of our own.


Hey Phil - Hope all is well, dude. No updates on new solutions from our end regarding doggy ventilation, but I have seen quite a few folks going the equestrian route for airflow while driving. From what I’ve seen on here and in person over the last few weeks, that seems to be the cleanest/ most functional solution.

If it’s good enough for a horse, it’s likely good enough for other four legged friends, but that look might not be for everyone. In the meantime, I’m creating a topic in hopes of showcasing all the best ideas that have come out of this forum.

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