Can you sit on the closed roof?

A friend of mine recently borrowed my truck and camper and told me that he and his kid put a blanket on the roof (while the camper was closed) and hung out up there to watch the stars. Cool idea, but my immediate reaction was that the roof probably wasn’t designed for that kind of use and I was worried about possible damage.

Does anyone know if the roof is meant to support this sort of use?


@GFC_Taylor may want to chime in on this.

GFC will know best of course, but if I recall correctly during the initial release way back when, people had asked about hanging out or standing on the roof and it was not suggested. They said the best method supported was to create a platform using roof rack bars and that it would be rated to the normal 500 lb load rating.

That being said, I’d look over the roof for indentation, warping etc. It is strong, but I’ve definitely did some light damage to mine when installing solar panels and hardware caught on the roof.

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It’s been a while but I remember GFC telling us that the camper was not designed for significant weight on the roof itself.
I bet if you’re careful you could get away with it but probably not a good idea.

As others mentioned, GFC has stated that the roof is not for walking/laying on. It’s probably alright if there is no visible damage, but you might want to check with the GFC wizards just in case

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Hey, thanks @crazyfingers for pinging me on this. Short answer is, no the roof is not designed for the weight of human bodies. The composite material used for the roof is thinner than what we use for the bunk floor. If you’d like to be able to hang out on your roof, I’d recommend building yourself a “deck” with beef bars and plywood or something similar.