Canadian company coming into the game…

This popped up on my Instagram the other day! I knew it was only a matter of time before a Canuck decided to manufacture their own version for sale.

BF campers

Quick peek and it looks like cool stuff. But, couldn’t they have picked a more unique name? Sounds a lot like they’re trying to riff off of GFC…

i was thinking butt f*ck campers but, ya what’s with the name? their offerings look more Australian influenced than GFC influenced. I’d be down for the camper if it included the tray for under $20000

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After a quick look at the pics I think it’s a Chinese company. Beifeng?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff is made in China and imported to Canada - but I have no idea one way or another. Some of those pix look like they’re on a Hilux. So definitely not North Amercia.

I love those flat decks!

I thought that too. Their rtt looks like the Chinese knockoffs of the roofnest. It’ll be interesting to see if they gain traction.

Back to being stressed about my lengthy shipment of my camper. At least it’s in the country now, delivery will have taken 12 days! Damn covid not letting me cross the border.

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Yeah, this border stuff sucks! I crossed out of the country for the first time in 1.5 years a couple weeks ago! I drove to SEA. I have a USA passport so was a hassle but at least I could do it.

I need to get to MI, WI, and IN sometime soon for business but I’m going to wait a couple weeks until this crazyness settles down. I would hate to need to go to a hospital in the next short while…oooph.