Canadian Customer Delivery and Servicing

Hello Everyone,

I am inquiring with other Canadian customers regarding delivery options as the border will remain closed until at least Oct. 21. I hold camper #2029, which was set to be delivered end of Sept, but that has been delayed due to the border closure. After talking to Go Fast a couple of weeks ago, they mentioned the possibility of delivering campers to The Gear Shop in Calgary AB and coordinating delivery for customers waiting for their campers. However, following a conversation with Go Fast last week, it sounds like this may have been put on hold due to other priorities and needs. With that in mind and after talking to a few other Canadian Customers regarding both delivery and servicing, I thought I would create a bit of a thread for us to collaborate and possibly make something happen. That being said I have gone through the leaderboard and think I identified all campers associated with a Canadian delivery address. I have identified these orders in the following list, and please either post or let me know what you have done or are doing to coordinate your camper delivery.

Campers Currently in Production

1712 Calgary AB
2039 (Me) Prince George BC

Completed Campers

2021 Surrey BC
2003 Calgary AB
1921 Williams Lake BC (Shipped)
1533 Smithers BC
1522 Lacombe AB
1422 North Vancouver BC
1291 Calgary AB
1254 Jasper AB

Pre-Production Units

1263 Coquitlam BC
1631 Chilliwack BC
1924 Victoria BC
2196 Calgary BC
2225 Invermere BC
2236 Kimberly BC
2279 Calgary AB
2340 Squamish BC
2362 Kelowna BC
2372 Kelowna BC
2411 Port Moody BC
2414 Okotoks AB
2426 Vancouver BC

I know there are also others awaiting servicing and hinge replacements on the V1s so please also post if this is you!

This can also include V2 RTT owners, though I am not sure what Go Fast has been doing in regards to shipping or other arrangements.

After reflecting on this situation and understanding that Go Fast has made significant accommodations during the pandemic (Thank you to them, and not discrediting their efforts at all, they are truly not going unnoticed), I thought this may be a way to see where everyone is at with this and collaborate if others know something I do not. If you have any insight or suggestions or would like to possibly be a part of this effort, please post or let me know as I am sure we would all like to be out in our campers and RTTs sooner rather than later.

Cheers and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Andrew S.

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#1254 here. It’s been such a nightmare but I’m honestly over it at this point, definitely a disappointing purchase so far lol. If you guys can figure something out that’s not too cost prohibitive I’d be game for a Calgary pickup.

I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the big $$$ for shipping just to have it sit in my shop all winter.


As some of your know, I’m one of the ones that opted to have the unit shipped using my own courier. Delivery day is today…what time I don’t know… :expressionless:

I have this on another post about ‘white glove to Canada’ I used and so far it has been a nightmare. I’m hoping it all comes to an end today and that the camper has made it here safely.

maybe you guys can get together and fill a semi or flat bed and get the costs down a little? have it delivered and everybody meets up to help each other install. 4-5-6 people can EASILY lift these campers.

just spit balling here. wishing you best of luck and may you maple glazed Tim Hortons never run out

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Hey did GFC ever get back to you? I left a message and send a few emails but haven’t got a reply. I don’t know what’s going on any more. Seems like no options at this time?


GFC finally got back to me this week after daily emails and calls. Now I’m waiting for them to provide me with parts quotes which was supposed to happen in a few days (that was said on Monday). They couldn’t confirm or deny that the camper was secured to the pallet, or that the boxes inside were secured to the pallet. They also couldn’t confirm if the unit was protected with cardboard as I requested over the phone. So we will see how this all shakes out with insurance. The good thing is I was told that I needed to sign a release for the camper before they’d ship it. That never showed up and I didn’t sign anything releasing the camper and wouldn’t have without pictures. So if it’s found that they’re at fault, I guess I’ll be acquiring legal services to settle things.

They will definitely not be shipping to Canada again without crating. So for $1200USD it better be Christ himself building it. There’s no way lumber and labor is THAT expensive unless they’re using A grade birch plywood. Get some Cull plywood for $30/sheet, and D-grade 2x2’s.

So in the future, Canadian customers, expect to see your delivery cost to be around $3-4000 extra. Makes the import fee of $1800 for a 4WC well worth it.

Now before someone jumps on and says ‘How do you get $4000??’ here’s the math based on what I paid and estimating that the crate weight doubles the shipping weight.

I paid $1500 CAD for shipping @ 400lbs so, that’s $3000CAD for shipping +$1200 US for crating.

If I was one of the Canadian customers waiting on the border opening I would consider cutting your losses and selling your unit to a US customer. But that’s just my opinion based on my customer service experience. Even from what Chuck is experiencing, if we need help with a faulty or warrantee problem. It’s going to be our responsibility to get to Belgrade to get them to fix it.