Canadian Deliveries No go via White Glove (COVID)

Just a heads up. I asked on the IG live stream if they will be able to fulfil white glove deliveries to Canada and the answer was ‘No’. It wasn’t the most PC answer, but basically they stated that ‘Canada’ closed the borders and they are not able to come in. I would’ve thought that they would’ve had some form of permit for goods and services deliveries…but alas they do not.

I asked because support told me that White Glove was available, but the horses mouth said it’s not. So here’s to hoping for us Canadian customers that the borders open before our install dates (late Sept-early Oct for me)


I know guys that were driving back and forth for products (alu-cab) a couple months ago with no restrictions. I think it’s totally possible to do white glove deliveries. But, it also might not be worth the hassle for them either.

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Totally, I haven’t called the border services yet to see if you’re allowed to cross if you’re going to pick up a product. But from the Canadian side it definitely does not look like that’s a possibility. I’m pretty confident that we’ll be back in business in the next few months.

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Hey guys,

Matthias just sent me this. Looks like we can cross the Canadian border (that doesn’t mean there will be white glove, we still have to have enough customers for a trip to work) and we will be running white glove where applicable! If we can get enough interest then there absolutely could be a WG run! I apologize for any misinformation on my end. Keeping up with this crazy world isn’t always easy!


It’s never a hassle for us to help you guys if we can. There was a lot of back and forth on what we can do or not do. Looks like we can do and if there is enough interest we will!


Awesome that’s good news if Canada can’t get their poop in a group with COVID. We’re more looking forward to actually coming down and doing the install in Montana as we’ve never been. There is surely some great fall mountain biking on the way down that will need to be slayed!


Not dissing on ya mikey! @Mike_GFCUSA

Everything up here is a PITA right now - and none of it really makes any sense. You’re not supposed to travel within the province - but you can come in from out of province and go wherever you want.

I am very much looking forward to this silliness ending!!

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You and me both! Time to get back on track

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Just read the US border will be fully open June 22nd to all you Canadians! Not sure what the deal will be getting back home but at least you can sleep in your GFC while you quarantine…

For me that’s been the problem all along! I have a USA Passport and a Canadian PR (green card). I can cross either way - no problem. But, when I get back to Canada it’s 14 days mandatory quarantine! Screw that.


When’s your build due @slowboater?

@Dignon I was build 43 (I think). I took white glove near Blaine WA. GFC has treated me very well and I’m very happy with my camper.

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So this is an FYI for those canucks that are hoping to go down to get their campers in the near future. As I’m sure you’re already aware the US is not in line with Canada’s plan to open the border Aug 7th and have pushed their closure to Aug 21 @ midnight.

Out of curiosity, I called the US border service yesterday to ask if picking up goods purchased could be considered essential travel. IT IS NOT, it is considered personal.

SO…You’re in luck if you have a business and can prove that you’re getting your GFC for work. My pickup isn’t until Sept 11th, so my obvious hope is that the US changes their tune on re-opening. Otherwise, I’ll be back in the hunt of trying to figure out how to get the camper up here.

Thanks for that update.