Canoe on top of Superlite

Hey y’all,

I’ve got a Superlite this past winter and I’m new to the forum. If this topic has been covered before feel free to redirect me.

I’m looking to see if I can strap a 15 ft. fiberglass canoe on top of a Superlite. Has anyone done this before? I’m wondering if it would have the potential to cause any damage to the body of the tent.

For more context, I would use 4 tie downs (2 on each end of the canoe) to strap it down rather than throwing straps over the top of the canoe.

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Ive never had a canoe on top of mine but I regularly have 1-2 whitewater kayaks on top of mine. kayaks are 30-40 pounds a piece and i havnt had any issues. I strap over the kayaks to the crossbars below. The only minor thing ive noticed with my boats is the scratched hull can scratch the tent fabric a bit. Nothing major though and really only cosmetic damage. Similar thing with any dirt/small rocks on the bottom of the boat. I started putting an old blanket under them to prevent it.

Id think a canoe would be fine as long as its secured well!