Canyonlands NP Trip

Hello everyone. We’re beginning to plan an end of March trip to Canyonlands NP. A few weeks ago we made an impromptu run to Deadhorse Point SP to watch the sunrise. Camped in the southernmost parking lot, woke up and had the entire sunrise to ourselves. So worth it…and now we need to go back for a few days. March 25-29. Leaving Boulder on Saturday morning, maybe taking Rim Rocker to Moab, then Potash, to Shafer to White Rim Trail. Maybe spend a night in Arches NP.

Anyone interested in tagging along? Anyone have any suggestions on spots to see?


I might could meet up with you in Moab. Sounds like a good time

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Tempting! I’ve done that trip on moto 2 times. Fantastic.

As it’s end of season only thing to keep an eye out on it snow melt in recent days…that red dirt gets slick as snot!


I may be interested in joining you also, never been to that area it will all be new to me. Driving from San Diego.


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I know Deadhorse Point well, beautiful spot to camp. So the park rangers didn’t cite you for camping in the parking lot, outside the established campgrounds?

The bike trails at Deadhorse are pretty great for kids and beginners.

Just to the north there are some half day, intermediate rides in the Mag 7 area along Gemini Bridges Rd that are fun.

When you’re going along Potash Rd, the trailhead for Corona Arch will come up pretty quick. I like that hike!


Yeah, no one bothered us. We rolled in at midnight tho…and were up enjoying the sunrise before 7.

This sounds amazing but we’ve got our hearts set on steamboat for Spring break. I’m close to Boulder too (Broomfield). Next time!