Car wash issues?

Ok, for the lazy ones amongst us, anyone tried running their gfc through a car wash? Any issues with water intrusion or any specific risks I’d be taking on?

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I’d be worried about water intrusion given there’s no seal around the perimeter. I’ve thought about adding one, but haven’t found the need during regular driving.

I’ve not had any problems. I run through a car wash every few weeks. It’s mostly a hand wash place but they have the pressure rinse cycle that you drive through. Its been fine for me.


Seems like no one’s asked in a while, but I thought maybe I’d ask to revive the question - thinking there may be more experiences? I want to be a be a bit lazy and see if the drive through wash is an issue. @Slowboater? @GFC_Taylor have any hard data?

Great question as Ive wonder the same thing.

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@blue5001 I would def go with a touchless carwash if you’re going to do that.

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Thanks @GFC_Taylor - had some shoulder surgery again a couple weeks ago and I’m pretty much a gimp for a bit. I’ll minimize the use for sure. Truck’s just filthy and I keep getting my office garb dirty in and out.

Nevermind - Wife and kid volunteered. We don’t have any touchless in this town.

I’ve gone thru touch less with no problems - many times.


I used a touch-less a couple weeks ago for the first time… really only needed the undercarriage as we went to the ocean, but, if I’m paying for it, I’m staying for the whole thing. When I got it home, I opened the tent and there was no visible moisture anywhere. Pretty pleased! I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it; but it was fine the one time I’ve done it.

Are you guys that are going through the touchless car washes lifted? My truck is exactly 7’ tall and all of the touchless car washes around here have exactly 7’ of clearance. I have not worked up the courage to go through a touchless car wash yet, but being able to would be extremely convenient.

Why chance it? Damage to your GFC would suck. Besides, unless a touchless car wash is right next door, you can fill a bucket, wash your rig, and likely come out even on time. And save yourself 10 bucks to boot… And get a sweet burrito for lunch too. My opinion.



To conserve natural resources and still provide high-quality laundry, new vehicle washing technologies, including water reuse, must be used. Some countries have made significant progress in wastewater reuse by developing rules and regulations and investing in strategic projects. In contrast, other countries still lack proper planning and law. In any case, the Automotive industry is now very advanced, so car washes are progressing, and new technologies for washing the car are emerging every year.


I’ve got a V1 and have taken my GFC through a regular (lots of touching) (Soapy Joe’s) car wash many times. No damage, no water inside, it comes out great. Have a 1.5 - 2" lift. Also have Thule roof rack bars on top.

Reviving this old thread . . I live in an apartment so I can’t really hand wash. There’s a good automatic non-touchless car wash nearby that I used to use all the time. I’d love to take my Maverick with my V2 through it - I feel like it would be fine other than some water intrusion in the bed and maybe some in the tent which would be easy enough to air out but want to throw it out to the forum. I’d even remove my Turbo Nap first just so it didn’t get wet. Thoughts?

I have gone thru the automatic non touches without beef bars just fine, I have also caught one of the strips and shut the thing down after I added a roof rack to truck and a shower to the side. It worked fine with no add ons, and I did not have water intrusion with my mattresses in.

I run mine through a tunnel wash that’s not touchless weekly+ (Mister Car Wash if you’re familiar). Not a single issue.

I also run my camper through a “Quick Quack” touching car wash. I lock the panels just in case and I do think it goes through smoother without beef bars but I also have done it with them on but I could feel the brushes go over each one.

Not a GFC. I usually avoid car washes, but ran my old tacoma through one before selling it. It ripped the yakima bar off and banged it down the side. Luckily it was 25 years old and it didn’t matter much and didn’t break a window.

I have been using a coin op, touchless now for several months. No problems. I personally would be leery of any kind of drive through, powered brush car washes.