Cargo ceiling net

I installed loops on all the mounting holes and installed a cargo net. I also installed a paper towel holder. This was an inexpensive and well worth-it mod.


Where did you get them loops?

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@WildWeasel do you have a link to the attachment loops? Thank you!

I used these but there are definitely some knock-offs out there for less.


Bytiyar 10 PCS Small Metal 1.6…

I think these small clips are great for the cargo net and for attaching light items.

Dog River Tools Stainless Steel…

ABN Cargo Net with Fasteners and…

Less than $40 for cargo net, 8 tie down loops and 8 small clips.


I have purchased both the Canyon Dancer ones and some knock-offs. The former are definitely better machined- more precise dimensions, deburred, and overall higher quality. If you can swing the extra cost then I’d definitely go with Canyon Dancer brand.

I have found that when going down bumpy roads it likes to bounce things out. I fixed this by adding another point using the grade 8 bolt locations so I can run a strap under everything to stop the bounce. Also allows me to compress big loads a bit more so its not hanging down so far.

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Do you have a picture of what you are talking about?

I will grab a picture this afternoon for ya

@WildWeasel thank you for the list.

slight delay, blew up the U Joints in my rear driveline and didn’t feel like rebuilding everything myself. Should have the truck back tomorrow…

Today it’s a rope but it doesn’t matter really. Using the bolts to add a intermediary point that can hold of the gear instead of just letting it bounce is what is helpful here

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I did a similar setup.

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