Cargo Measurements for Ram trucks 1500/2500


What did your cargo area measure and what you reported for your Ram 1500 or 2500?

LET ME EXPLAIN . It’s time for me to select colors and options. So I am asking for your input on a dilemma related to cargo area measurements between OEM specs and actual measurements. As you read the Ram specs for the Ram 1500 (my truck) it states that my cargo area is 6’4”. Not thinking much of it, that is what I shared with GFC last night. This morning I received an email from Taylor asking me to “double check my specs”. To me when someone ask me to double check my specs it raises all kinds of flags. So I did and what I measured was 74” for the area GFC recommended in their drawing.

I appreciate your input on sharing what did you report to GFC for your Ram truck.


Don’t remember the exact numbers but I do remember my 5’ 7’’ RAM bed was not 5’7” measured.

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I could see how that would be confusing/alarming but rest assured, that is a standard email that they send out to everyone just to double check everything. They make their final purchase orders based off of what you report so they want it accurate for build/fitment. As long as you follow their measurement guidelines, you are good.

Thanks Danny! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one experiencing a 2 measurement scenario.
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Yah I totally get it as I felt the same way. It freaked me out that something was wrong. I called and they explained the purpose and it made sense. As long as you have your measurements correct for you, you’re fine. Best of luck in getting your build!

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