Cargo Nets under the mattress

I have a cargo net in the front of my camper currently. I stole the idea from someone on the forum, but has anyone tried to put cargo nets under the movable panels?

These would have to be mounted differently. Im thinking of brewing one of these cable clamps into the rectangle panel with the cargo net threaded through one on each corner. Would the rectangle panel material be able to hold some short 3/8" course screws? What is that panel made out of? HDPE?

If this works I might try to do the same under the square panels as well.

Any thoughts, feedback, questions, criticisms welcome…

I have to much free time during this lock down and to many trips have been canceled…

Cable Clamps:

Rectangle Cargo net:

Square Cargo net:

I wouldn’t use screws, personally. However, you could easily use t-nuts and machine screws. Or you could use vhb tape/velcro, but I am less sure about how much that would hold.