Carpet lining the GFC panels

I’ve added some sub box carpet lining inside the camper. Very pleased with how it turned out and a link to the supplies I used.

16FT x 3.75FT Black Polymat…

Polymat QTY3 797 Hi-Temp…


Awesome Idea - I’m doing it now. Thanks

I think some may have seen this on the FB group already but in case you haven’t, I used 3M velcro instead of carpet. Mainly for patches and less about insulation. I’m stoked with it.


Very cool…any issues on the panels closing?
I have a V2, and it seems like a very tight tolerance from panel to struts.
Thanks for sharing,

No issues whatsoever. I’ve got plenty of room to spare

Thanks man! Sure seems like a good idea for sound too!
Mine sure got louder inside the cab once the GFC went on!

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