Carpet or insulation on panels in the camper?

I’m curious if anyone has carpeted their door panels on the camper. I have been tossing around this idea to sport my patches while also adding a little insulation. If so drop a pic or if you have another insulation idea post it up!

Interested in this as well. Lots of patches that need a home.

One way is to get 1" insulation board and use 3M spray adhesive to attach the carpet to the board. Then use industrial strength velcro to attach the carpeted insulation board to the panels. Keeps the summer heat down when you have black panels.


This is what I was thinking of doing except stick a 1/4” vibro foam cell sound deadening to the panels then 3M glue sub box/shell liner carpet to that. Maybe even take a step further and spray the inside of the panels with a radiant barrier for added insulation/heat

What foam boards did you use for yours and how are they holding up?

They look as good as the day I installed them. Lowes brand like this.


Some really great ideas ill be following this.

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Great ideas. I was thinking about foam board and worried it might pick up dents or impact damage. Has anyone ever spayed it with lizardskin and then placed some thinsulate between Aluminized Dynamatt with a carpet cover? We’ve used it here with not bad results in cold temps. Does anyone know if an aftermarket tent barrier is made like AT makes for the Summit and Atlas shells?

Been a while since I’ve been on here but after I received my camper I ended up carpeting the doors with sub box cover.


Can I ask where you got the carpeting material at?

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You can find it on Amazon

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I have the same questions as @T1OVERLAND :slight_smile:

ah, just seeing this. thank yoU!

Have you done your tent ceiling/headliner as well?

No just the 2 side panels have insulation board and carpet. Rear panel has a thick cloth curtain.

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