Ceiling mounted Maxtrax (interior)

I’ve always preferred storing my supplies inside the vehicle, out of sight and out of the way. About a year ago a made a ballistic nylon storage bag for my Maxtrax and rigged up a webbing system to hold it on the ceiling of my GFC.

I drilled 4 half inch holes through the sleeping platform as shown in my diagram, spaced away from any edges enough to allow for the 3" area washers. The G-hooks allow for quick attach and detach as well as tensioning. The center piece of webbing is doubled up with multiple layers of elastic to keep everything under tension. The angles of the triangle rings make both ends come loose when one end is detached, this aids in easy removal of Maxtrax from either side of the truck without opening the other side. Velcro was added to the end of the pull straps after the G-hooks and to the center section to keep strap ends secured out of the way.

~8’ of 1" webbing
~2’ of 1" elastic strap
~1’ of sew on elastic
x4: 1/2"-20 button head bolts
x4: 1/2"-20 nylon nuts
x4: webbing anchor plate
x8: 3" area washers
x2: G-hooks
x2: triangle rings (3/16" x 1 3/16”)
4’: adhesive rubber strip (so boards don’t chafe on ceiling)

Disclaimer: my setup requires a long bed style GFC with it’s longer permanent panel up front and I take no responsibility for you drilling holes in your camper. Some sewing required.


This is super clever. How’s the stability when the truck is bouncing around? Do the tracks stay put?

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They stay pretty tight. I check the tension whenever I’m back there and think to do so, at most I get ¼ - ½ inch out of one tensioning strap after a few days of rough driving. The elastic bit in the center helps keep everything under tension, and the rubber strips keep it from making noise or causing damage if there is a little movement.

I think better G-hooks could make an improvement but my cheap Amazon hooks work just fine.

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