Changing tent color

I bought a build spot from someone on this forum that had all the options I wanted except for the tent color. I contaced GFC support to see if they could swap the tent for the color that I wanted but they told me to take it or leave it.

Anyone know what recourse I have? Could I ask them to swap it on install day (which is next Friday 11/19)? I don’t mind paying extra to get the color I wanted since we’re already paying a premium for these glorified camper shells. I honestly expected better customer care but the response from GFC support has soured my GFC experience already.

I don’t really follow the spot swapping rules, so don’t know that you should expect GFC to support changing a spot that someone else reserved.

But…no, you will not be able to swap the tent on install day.

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GFC has been pretty clear at what stages changes can and cannot be made. I don’t know if they’ll sell an additional tent itself in the fabric color of your choosing, but I’m sure that would be some ways out given their production planning and materials ordering.

Assuming the person you bought it from made it clear that options were chosen and changes couldn’t be made? There are obviously some shortcomings with customer service at GFC which have been extensively discussed on this forum, but the fact they even let people sell spots seems to be a benefit for many people.

Either way, hope you enjoy your camper and have a safe trip up for install next week!


Yeah unfortunately once the options are set that’s it. If all your other preferences are met then I would just get it. Both tent colors are truly great imo. I have the tangerine but some of the pictures these jackals are posting of the stone tent make me jealous. You can’t lose.

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Yeah but XYZ color is proven to increase your Instagram followers 348% year over year.