Transfer Rules (IMPORTANT)

Hey All,

Lots of transfers historically here, and wanted to make some reference information on what is needed.

The basic rules:

  • No options can be changed after an invoice is paid. No different color, truck model, window config, etc.

  • The transactions all happen between you guys. GFC does not broker. Once you guys complete a sale of a spot, we need both parties to email us together on a group email, letting us know which spot/customer sold their position and the information for the new buyer.

  • All reassigned spots for transfers will be updated to our current pricing. Grandfathering into old pricing is only allowed for the original customer

Let us know if you have any questions!

-Team GFC


Hey guys - regarding no options can be changed after an invoice is paid - does that mean no options can be added after the deposit ($500) is paid, or does that mean once the remainder is paid?

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You can change options up until the final invoice is paid. Once the final invoice is paid, everything is locked in. So if you’ve only put down the deposit, you still have time to select your options, truck, etc.


I have build #2696 I have not selected and option yet. I want to sell my spot and have found a buyer. I believe i put my deposit down for a large topper and my buyer wants the smaller topper. Can i sell him my spot? Thank you,

I have a fully paid for spot, but GFC still doesn’t yet manufacture the camper for the truck I paid for, can I sell my spot at the front of the line for someone with a different truck?