For Sale: Build Spot #2517

Hi Folks,

You know the drill.
If not, here is a bit of info from GFC:

$500 - applicable to any standard or XL camper, for any vehicle size.
Choose your options closer to build date.
GFC has already requested the VIN#.

Build date likely towards end of year (things are moving on the assembly line!).

First come first served.

Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 20.54.22

Update from GFC Customer Experience:
Estimated INSTALL date of January/February.
Also now requesting truck year/make/model/bed length with new owner details.

Excited for ours in November!


Spot still for sale.
Lead times still decreasing so likely on the January end of things.
Current leaderboard (as of Sept 25) shows this build is almost 200 units ahead of a new deposit.

@Reggie is this for an XL model?

Hi @gride7 , the deposit can be used for any vehicle at this point.


Is this still available?


Hi @bedwards24 , there is a sale pending but I can let you know if it falls through.


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This build spot is now sold.