Chase lights install

Not going to make a full write up on this because @Coastal already made a good one here which was helpful in getting this done.

Installed 2 Heretic Studios amber chase lights - wired up through the camper frame, down through the truck bed, along the frame, up into a switch pro sp9100 that is controlling everything.

Install went great! Fishing the wires around the internal 90 degree bend was a huge pain, but there are two things I would recommend to help out.

  1. Twist your wires before you install. You can do this with a clamp at one end, then hook them into a drill chuck on the other and spin until they are twisted about 1 revolution per 2 inches or so.
  2. Use expandable braided sheathing. This stuff is pretty low friction and will also help protect your wires from some of the sharp-ish edges that you will be running wire over and around.

Anyway… pretty fun little project!


Hell yeah! Nice work. The 90 is a pain, such a fine line of making a big enough hole that the wiring can fit through, but not too big that the bit hits other parts of the camper.

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