Checking Interest - DCLB and V1 Camper

Hi all,

BLUF I have a 2d gen Tacoma with a V1 platform and I want a 1st gen Tacoma with a V2 platform. Obviously a direct trade is ideal but very unlikely, so I’m looking for someone interested in any combo of trade, payment, etc. Read on for details.

Currently own a 2010 DCLB 4WD Taco (173,000 mi) with a V1 GFC. Updated the hinges with the DIY kit. 2 beef rack bars up top.

Truck also has rock sliders and a swing out high clearance rear bumper by Mobtown, and a cattle guard up front. Toytec Boss coilovers and leaf package. Aftermarket touch screen with apple car play (backup camera recently died). TRD Pro wheels w/full size spare on swing out bumper.

Why do I want to sell?
I love my truck and it’s been a blast building her up to current day. In the past she was very much the centerpiece for big surf, hunting, camping, etc adventures with lots of friends. I’m in the military, and as is natural over time your friend group and free time shrinks. It’s now just typically my wife, dog, and I looking to get away for a weekend, and I no longer need or want so much truck.

I’m looking for a Gen 1 Tacoma extended cab short bed. Could be talked into a double cab short bed depending on the details. Mileage doesn’t matter much to me unless you’re experiencing concerning issues.

Located in NOVA, but I’m down to drive cross country. DM if you’d like to discuss price, trades, etc.

Would you sell camper separate? Txt me plz 9fournine 5sixone 8seven2zero

I’m interested in buying just your camper. Is it still for sale?

I could be talked into selling the camper only, DM me and we can hash a deal