Chinese Diesel Heater Install

Hey! I just purchased this heater from Amazon.

It arrived today! My main issue is with the power cord. It looks like it’s made to connect to a car battery. However, I will be using a Jackery, I am wondering how I would go about adding a plug or 12v adapter to this? I know nothing about electronics so any help is appreciated!

I tried looking already but haven’t found a great one yet. Thank you in advance!

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I bought one of these and adapted it.


Great thanks! That’s what I ended up doing.

What sort of battery do you have this connected to? Would a Jackery 240 be sufficient?

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I have it connected to a Bluetti EB70s which is 715W. It uses very little power once running (5w at low, 26 at high) and a little more at startup (I’ve seen 35-75 but briefly).

Just make sure the Jackery DC port can handle 10A at startup.


Im curious to see how youve plumbed the exhaust. Ive got a heater that im planning to install.

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Send me a PM as a reminder. In Moab with limited reception.

I bought this.