Cleaning, Camper Care, Waxing ect

Performed a search but haven’t found much on the subject.

I was curious what steps you guys take to clean and or wax the V2 GFC.

I’ve noticed small amounts of corrosion forming on some of the Allen’s, and would be interested in doing some sort of protective coating after cleaning the exterior.

I work on boats and deal mainly with fiberglass and stainless. Not so much aluminum protection.


Aerospace 303?
Turtle wax?
McGuires RV?

I’m leaning towards just this spray turtle wax I’ve got laying around.

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I’ve actually wondered the same thing; as I’m obsessed with washing my truck.

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I’ve had great results with amsoil mudslinger on the camper panels. I’ve used it on dirt bikes for years. Makes clean up super easy and also keeps the powdercoat looking like new always and protected from UV.