Cleaning the mattress covers

What is the proper way to clean the thick canvas fabric that covers the foam mattress pieces? I have a V2. There are no care instructions inside the fabric.

I need to get them clean to prevent any mildew from forming. The mattresses inside got pretty wet.

Are they machine washable? Hot? Cold? Dryer safe? Anyone get official care instructions?


I have machine washed my V1 mattress covers with cold water and put them in the dryer on low heat. No fabric shrinkage and problems getting the cushions and inserts back in on those settings for me. I used normal laundry detergent and some baking soda to help get rid of some mildew that was forming on my cushions; it seemed to help.

I suggest that you hand wash in warm soapy water/ rinse and then lay out to air dry. If you have a mechanical closet where it gets really warm that would work perfect for drying.

As I’ve gotten older I error on the safe side… most of the time, I think, maybe!

I think they are some sort of waterproof material. You want to do what you can to preserve it. It also helps keep stains out. Harsh detergents, bleach and the like will strip the waterproofing. It might be worth asking what the fabric is and looking up what their cleaning instructions are.

Hey PRob. The fabric is a 600D Polyester “Canvas”. It has a TPU coating on one side. The fabric is advertised as water and mildew resistant.

This is a technical fabric, cleaning and care from the manufacturer: " Clean regularly with mild detergent or Trek7 Active Wash making sure to rinse out completely and air dry. If you would like to use a stain remover always test on a small corner first for color fastness. Do not bleach."

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Thanks. So I assume they mean hand wash? Oh well. I guess time to wipe it down. Thanks!

I have machine washed mine on “delicate” or similar settings, cool water, and air dry.