Closing tailgate and hatch from inside?

How’s everyone closing their tailgate and rear hatch from the inside?

Any good tips/tricks?

Any tricks to keeping the hatch closed tight but not locking yourself inside? or ways to keep the latches from locking shot, say if a buddy wants to play a joke on you and close the latches from the outside…

So far i have a strap going through one of the torx bolts holding my tailgate cap on… i can use that to close the tailgate… with the fragile hinges, it would seem like you’d want to have something inside to close the hatch either in the middle or evenly from both sides…

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If your tent is open you can open the back window and reach down to lock/unlock the rear panel. If I just need to ensure the back is closed and don’t care about the sides, I open the sides, lock he back, and pull down the sides.

I’ve been using a couple of small bungee cords to keep it closed when it’s really windy.
I shut the latch and then tried to open it from the inside the other day but couldn’t figure it out.

Put something simple together tonight… some extra paracord and carabiners I had laying around.

Keep it up high for normal use and easier to keep the cord out of the way when closing.

Drop it down to limit the hatch opening so it can work better with an awning off the back.

Easy pull down using both sides to lower evenly from the inside.

Made a small loop for hatch securing when inside not having to use the main latches.

Then a strap for the tailgate to close and lower down slowly when opening