Closing the tent wet - actually frozen. :)

I had an interesting (and good) experience with closing the GFC tent while frosted this weekend that I thought worth sharing.

We have about 10 nights so far in our GFC, with the 2nd generation tent material, mostly in arid conditions (CO, WY, UT). We haven’t had any problems with condensation. On a few particularly cold or moist nights, we get a little moisture on the ceiling and tent walls that drys quickly once the sun comes up. Not so different than most ground tents I’ve had.

This weekend I was out hunting in Wyoming and woke up at 5am to head out. It was 18F and there was a good amount of frost on the ceiling and walls. I had to get going to hunt, I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up, so I closed it frozen. The tent material was quite stiff but it closed fine. I planned to open the GFC midday to air out. I assumed my bedding would get wet as the frost inside the tent melted but that it would dry fast at midday since it is all synthetic or wool.

About 6 hours later - 11am - I opened up the GFC to find the interior completely dry and the tent walls just barely wet in spots. Either there was a lot less moisture frozen in there than there seemed to be when I woke up and/or the GFC has descent capacity to evaporate off moisture even when closed (at least in an arid climate) Anyway, it was a good outcome and maybe some piece of mind for anyone facing the same situation this fall.