Closing the tent

Does everyone always roll their tent doors down when the close the tent?

Is it alright to leave them rolled up?

I leave my large windows 1/3 unzipped. I leave the small windows 1/2 unzipped.
Haven’t tried closing with the windows rolled up. Although I think it would be fine, I feel like the bulk may make closing more difficult.


I roll mine up every time as it actually makes it easier for my to pack and in case there’s any water in the morning it doesn’t go all over my sleeping bags and pillow that I leave inside.

I air out after a trip but then roll it back up and store it that way.

So far no issues closing the tent.

2 front small windows zipped up 50%, the 3 other windows (2 side + 1 back) I zip down and leave about 25% zipped open so air escapes. I’ve seen folks leave them completely rolled up and pack it away. Just gotta make sure you have some open for the air to escape while closing.

We leave our front small triangle windows open the whole way, the back one is almost always rolled up, but the screen is down. This has worked really well for us, until you need to pop the tent open and its raining. I seems a lot easier to shut the top if all the outsides are rolled up, but we rarely have it that way.

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