Colorado-Tacoma compatibility

Hey everyone, I have a second gen double cab, short bed, Toyota Tacoma There is a Chevy Colorado short bed V2 go fast camper available near me. Bed length is the same on both but the Tacoma bed width is 2-1/2” or so wider. It looks like it would fit however, there would be some space open to the elements on the rails of my Tacoma. Does anyone out there have experience fitting a Colorado V2 go fast camper on a Tacoma? Thanks for any Advice!

I had a 2018 Chevy Colorado and got a gfc over a year ago and it moved over just fine to my 2017 Toyota Tacoma I have now

Thx for the info. Is your camper a v1 or v2?
Did you need any thing else for the fit to the Tacoma?

V2 and you just need the bed rails in the Tacoma on the side to mount the camper two