Colors with a black truck

Hi, my much anticipated build is happening in March and I was wondering if anyone has a black truck and Orange Cap Frame? Also wondering about color for tent material? Any suggestions?

My black truck was a bit of a mess and it was rarely just black but I have Orange space frame with black panels. As for the tent color, you get what you get, not allowed to pick

Black with orange is dope!

If I would of ordered mine I would of gone orange frame as well but the grey doesn’t look bad at all!!!

Hoarders, thanks for sending these pics they are awesome. Do you have any pics that are from the rear? I was wondering how much of the orange shows from the rear when the panels are closed?

Aleja_333 thanks that does look dope. I’m trying to see how much orange shows from the rear. That does look good.

Upsguy, I agree the grey does not look bad at all. I like that step hanging off the back. What is that?

Here is what you see with the panels closed, just a bit of color peeks out. I may be biased but I think a contrasting color does a lot for the look.


Thanks, that’s actually what I was looking for.

It’s made by amp research…it’s called the bedstep! Works awesome and well worth the money!!

That’s pretty awesome. Expensive, but I kind of want it