Didnt expect that it is really bad on these tent. Both on the fabric and on the honeycomb. I camped twice since i got this 3 weeks ago. Is there a better walkaround or solutions with this issue?


If you use the search function you’ll find a ton of info on this subject.

To put it simply, ventilation and/or a diesel heater are your solutions.

You can ventilate by opening windows obviously, usually just cracking the front little triangle windows is enough for me. But depending on what sort of weather conditions you are camping in you might need to open those more or have a little fan to help circulate air. I have one I hang from one of the carabiners at the top of the windows/doors. Some people have added rv style fans on the honeycomb roof.

If its dumping rain or snow and opening anything is completely out of the question then a diesel heater is about the only solution for adding dry, hot air and removing moisture.

Thanks for info. yead camped on night that was dry and other night was mild steady rain. both nights were wet inside.:grinning:

I use a marine solar powered fan that I put into the roof. It mitigates 95% of condensation.


Out of curiosity: has anyone ever tried to stick some cork boards in the sleeping area? Cork is supposed to be good to prevent moisture, and I believe a 1/4 inch panel wouldn’t prevent the tent to close.

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Interesting. Anyone have ever tried to use cork?