Contemplating Colors

For anyone else contemplating colors for their silver Tacoma…

I’m personally leaning towards Red as my first choice, and white as my 2nd choice (partly because they are cheap). My previous 1st gen Tacoma was black with a red shell, and since then I have enjoyed seeing the mismatched truck/shell combos around. Anyone else? Red looks better than white to me but living in Southern Utah for half the year makes me want white, I do feel like red is a neutral color as far as absorbing heat in the summer goes. I think black looks great, but I also feel like everyone else thinks that, also that’s a lot more heat going into the truck in the summer. Grey looks nice, although I am confused since the grey that is offered currently is the tornado grey and not the battleship grey seen in the gallery. Either way there’s not too many silver taco’s with red or white GFCs. Maybe its the dare ya red that makes me want it haha

What do all of you silver taco owners have? or what are you thinking about getting?

Dual cab short bed silver with red GFC. Love it! just got mine installed on 12/19 so I do not have time in any real sun or high temp experiance, and the installation pictures are not yet up on the GFC website. Red is seriously under represented. Well any color but black is rare.

Grey or Red are my two favorite colors for the GFC. Black is too popular and depending on your climate expected locations, black can get pretty hot to the touch, at least that is my understanding. Good luck!


I’ve never seen a red one so if you’re looking to stand out, go for it! I have the grey on a silver 2nd gen, no regrets. Here’s some pics of that combo in the wild, the grey lightens up a lot in bright light


I ordered grey for my Tacoma Gen 3. Black would be just too damn hot in California where I am at. I already have a grey soft topper with my silver Tacoma and Like it so I figured I would keep it with the GFC.

When I asked about the silver with grey combo, GFC pointed me in the direction of @kodastacoma IG. It helped make up my mind.

My install date is the first week of March.

Thanks for the showing me your Grey GFC! I ended up going with Grey as well, Just picked her up last week and couldnt more stoked on the color combo and of course the GFC :slight_smile:


I did white with my silver tacoma, and I love it. Red is awesome. If I was to choose again, it would be close. I think you can’t go wrong either way.


@B3rgalicious while I don’t have a Tacoma, I did contemplate colors. I naturally love the green. But, didn’t feel it would look right on my truck. Then it was down to gray and black. Ultimately, I chose black. The reason, it goes with everything, and you can always add vinyl wrap/graphics to change it up. In winter it helps with heat. In summer, well, it also helps with heat, so that’s a trade off.