Continued Delay - Be cautious placing an order

Man this is turning into a bigger issue.
Continued delays keep pushing expected deliveries out, mean while they are introducing new products and new locations.

I have all my money down and am being told that i should be expecting continued delays on my product I have paid over 7k for. Now zero expectations.

Then they are opening new locations all over the west coast, nothing east coast. And shipping tons of “new” products.
My money is spent and no product in hand leaves me thinking and speaking pretty poorly on GFC.

I really wish they would stick to producing the product they have tons of back orders on, instead they are releasing new products and not shipping what folks have already paid for. Initially the person i spoke with was very pro active now they are telling me oh things come up and we are working but you know things come up.

Starting to second guess my order…

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Have any units for your truck model been made? Or is it still in the design process? It always seems the GMC/Chevrolet full size trucks are the last to be supported but I’m sure that’s just based on demand. Did you have an install booked?


Perhaps some context; what you ordered, communicated timelines, engagement with GFC so far, etc., may be in order.

Hard to form an opinion or provide any useful feedback on experience with the ambiguities in your post.

Can’t say I’ve had the same experience so far in any of my encounters with GFC, but everyone’s experience is different. Not defending, just providing what feedback I can.


Bit interesting comparing experiences. I ordered my camper back in late October for white glove delivery and numerous times they stated it could be at least 6 months. When did you put your order in? Are you past 6 month window? I talked to them a few weeks ago and it seems like they were filling up a truck heading to the east coast early next year. They will not build the campers ahead of time because they don’t want them sitting around.

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I ordered mine in Aug, i believe. They told me first week of December.
Makes since they dont want them sitting around, maybe i should consider this… i appreciate your knowledge on shipping and being east coast.

Recently, they just told me at best January but no expectation due to new locations opening.


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Yah, they were similar in tone about the January trip. We want ours for an April trip so our fingers are crossed.

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if it makes you feel any I got the bone with my camper too… 427 days from deposit to install and a whole bunch of hooey between. it was so bad they wouldn’t respond to emails or calls until they finally reached out to schedule install and that was for the wrong truck. 2 months later I finally get a call for the right truck. from deposit it was for 2019 ranger supercab. I was really nervous when they couldn’t get that right

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Yea im getting nervous…

Still no context, what vehicle, what placement date, what payment date, etc. ------ edit, see it in your bio

I was nervous for the same reason so I made sure to email and called multiple times. I ordered on 11/14/22 and had the option to pick up 12/9/22, so that’s three weeks. Seemed iffy so I called and talked to two different people and they both confirmed this is the case. Payment complete, email confirmation of pick up date, etc. all matched everything I’ve seen and been told. I see no issue in the ordering, fabrication, or communication with GFC.

2016 Tundra DC 6.5’ bed

Yea. You’re in a similar situation to me when I ordered. The border was closed so I couldn’t pick it up and they didn’t know when the next delivery would happen so they held the build. Unless you have a scheduled install date or a confirmed white glove delivery they won’t start your build just to have it sit in their yard. They seem to run JIT manufacturing. They are most likely waiting to sell an entire truckload in your area to make it worth the trip or they are gonna be busy shipping out to the new locations. Until they have enough to fill the trailer for your area they won’t set a date / start the build. Unless you pay extra for LTL freight or drive and get it.

Things must have changed but I thought they didn’t make you pay in full until it was “in production”?

Just to clarify. With white glove orders we specify a 6 month window from purchase date for delivery. This is pretty large and obnoxious but it costs a lot of money to drive to someone’s house and install a camper, so the only way to make it work is to have a full trailer going to a region. That’s why it can take us 6 months to fill a trailer with white glove deliveries. Sometimes that happens sooner. My understanding is that this order was placed in August, therefore might not be delivered until February at the latest. And you all are correct, we build the campers just in time before an install.

We’ve reached out to Casablanca to get the specific details of the issue.

For the new dedicated locations we use full semi-truck trailers, which brings the cost down considerably from white glove or standard LTL freight.

The real solution to the long white glove buffer is an east coast location but we can only do so much at a time :slight_smile:

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