Could this be an option for future builds to add to the design

I think it would be a pretty simple thing to add a rain cover. Any thoughts from @GFC?

Just to be clear I was talking about the rain cover over the huge door on the back of the tent.


Also maybe a Velcro Canvas panel that would stick to the inside of the tent Roof with pockets(also kind of like alu-cab)

That thing looks ridiculous.

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Yeah just one rain cover for the front huge window would be nice tho


He’s some good stuff if anyone wanted to put some pouches up

Agreed, I’d like something along these lines too. @shittco on Instagram is making a kit that allows you to turn the door into a rain awning, but then you can’t seal the tent and it’s missing sides. I’m hoping to make a DIY solution for both of these, but it’d be awesome if GFC included it as an option.

I don’t feel like this would be hard to add as an additional option. It could be Attached with velcro around the window and then just get some small rods to prop it out. This could probably even be done as a mod.

Interested in said awning… please elaborate

I think @ace7196 is referring to this which I copied from him. Two 1/2 in poles and some silpoly fabric.


Ah I’m talking about over the window that would be pretty cool

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That’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

This is so sick! Definitely going to rig up my own. Whatever happened to Ace anyway?

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