Cover for Superlite when closed?

I’m interested in having a cover made for my Superlite to reduce the UV exposure when it’s closed up and not in use. Usually I remove it when not in use so it’s not baking in the SoCal sun, but a cover would help ease my concern a bit and allow me to leave it mounted and ready for action. I was thinking of reaching out to to see what they could make. Any precedents?

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ive thought about this also. let us know what they say.

Are the GFC know for breaking down in the sunlight? Or are you just trying to do that a a preventative measure? Is it the honey comb top you are worried about?

I don’t believe the superlite is known to degrade from UV exposure, other than the elastic loops at each cinch strap. Having bought mine used, these loops are already stretched and deteriorated beyond repair. The rest of the tent looks great however, and there are numerous threads on swapping the elastic loops with DIY Velcro loops.

So this would be purely preventative. If I could spend $100 or so for a cover (e.g. like those found on a fold out Tepui) it would bring some peace of mind.

I will reach out to coversandall and report back. The key would be coming up with a design that’s secure and doesn’t inflate when driving on the highway.


Just curious if you heard anything about the cover?

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I did reach out to them - sounds like it would be in the neighborhood of $150 and they recommended grommets at the bottom to secure while driving. I have not pulled the trigger yet. I’m not 100% confident the grommet solution tbh, and I’m thinking this might not be the best way of getting a custom cover. There are a lot of variables and if the fit is off (too loose/too tight/excess material, etc) I’m going to be bummed and not really have much recourse. My thinking lately is to go with someone local who could come and take measurements and discuss options with me in person.

I’m also finding that I’m only averaging camping once every 6- 8 weeks. If I were camping every other week I would be more inclined to leave the tent mounted on the truck, but for now I’m still removing and storing it inside, negating the need for a cover.

All that to say I’m probably not pursuing this…