COVID-19 Lock Down Modifications

Since everyone is all cooped up and cant get out I was wondering what people have been up to with their trucks and GFCs. Currently at sea and looking for some inspiration for whenever I get off this rusty old gal.
Hope you’re all healthy.

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rok block install was our big project yesterday.

I don’t have my GFC yet, but I built a rollable camp table yesterday out of the pallet lumber that my rock sliders came on.



Thats pretty sweet. What holds the table together when its open?

Straps attached to each rung of the tabletop and a solid slat of wood along each side. I’ve got sanding to do on the table today. I’ll post an additional photo of the bottom when I have it back up.
Smoking a brisket today. That’s my main focus…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s the bottom of the tabletop and the hardware through the table and on the legs.



I’ve been modding the past 5 weekends upgrading the suspension, 6112/5160/deaver stage 2/spc ucas. Got new shoes yesterday. I need to get out and take some real pics. GFC is currently in assembly.