Crashed Car with the GFC?

Has anyone ever crashed their car with the GFC attached? Did you take it up with insurance? (I have full coverage)

Short story:

Unfortunately, I was involved in a hit and run
yesterday morning. I was traveling on the highway and was hit by a vehicle trying to get off of an exit lane at the last minute. It resulted in a crash that sent me rolling across the median into opposing traffic where I was hit by another car. Fortunately, everyone involved walked away with no injuries, I walked away without a scratch on me. From what the eyewitnesses say the GFC really helped stopped the rolling, maybe there’s some added safety it brings! Only got to camp in the it once, had a trip planned for this August, but looks like I will have to table that one! Ultimately I am thankful to be alive!


I got separate insurance for my camper but it’s the full truck platform which is $$$ compared to the RTT. I know for theft sometimes your home owners or renters insurance will cover things stolen off of your car (I’ve had several friends use it for whitewater kayaks), but I’m not sure if it covers accidents and stuff like tents.

Glad you’re OK! Looks like a pretty nasty hit!

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WOW! glad you’re OK.

I have state farm in Ohio. my camper is covered by homeowner’s insurance and in a situation like that it would be 2 separate deductibles.

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Please keep us updated on the insurance claim

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Dang, glad everyone made it through ok!
I have Farmers and have an added policy on my auto to cover my gfc camper, otherwise they would not cover it on standard full coverage auto. I hope you are covered, good luck!

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I’m so glad to hear you all are okay, that is terrifying. Coverage is going to depend a lot on your specific insurance, each company has slightly different rules. For example, State Farm considers my camper permanently affixed so is included, while with Allstate I had to have a separate policy. For a RTT I’m not sure, but definitely also look into the route of it being under homeowners insurance as property. Depending on your deductibles and potential rate increases…there’s a chance it might night be worth claiming under home though. Again, all depends on your policies. Good look working through everything, it’s such a hassle.


I talked with State Farm about mine. They added it to my policy with no increase in premium. They stated that as long as it is attached to the vehicle (I have a platform camper) it would be covered under the single deductable.


Glad you’re alright! And thanks for posting this question. Something I’ve been wondering for a while now.

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I have Geico and it falls under the same premium. It’s in my account as an $8000 topper.



Glad you are alright. That is brutal. Hopefully you win their Giveaway they just announced.

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State Farm told me the same when I asked

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Glad everyone was ok! Looks like a terrifying crash. I’m not sure if this story will help you as much since it sounds like a hit and run, and you don’t know the other party’s insurance. It sounds like my story could be useful to some of the other posters in this thread though. Feel free reach out with additional questions. Again, glad everyone was ok, that is the most important thing!

I was also involved in a crash, less than a month after getting my (first) GFC. I was hit by a drunk driver on the highway, and he slammed us into the barrier, sending the GFC off the truck and off of the overpass we were on. They were able to fish it out with a tow truck haha. Everyone was ok (bruises, scratches, seatbelt burn).

I had specifically called and added my GFC to my USAA auto insurance policy as a camper about two weeks earlier. I asked the rep about 5 times if it would be insured for FULL value if anything were to happen. I never called it a “topper”, always a “camper” worth $8000. She assured me it was, and that my premium would not increase. And then, of course, when time came to file a claim, they offered me $500 for my “topper”. They claimed they would never insure something like that for full value, only “value added to the vehicle”, which they deemed to be $500. I fought them pretty hard, even had them review the audio recording of when I called to insure the GFC. They didn’t change their mind.

Anyways, I told USAA to kick rocks, and started pursuing the drunk driver’s insurance, AllState. It took about 6 weeks, and over 50 phone calls, but eventually they got tired of hearing from me and cut me a check for my new GFC, full replacement cost.

Moral of the story, I would double check when they insure your camper as a “topper” for no increase to your premium. That’s what I did and it didn’t help much when it came time to use it. It will probably be different for different insurance providers, but worth a double check. Hope this helps!

P.S. 4 months later, I just picked up my new GFC last weekend, and drove around Montana camping and fly fishing with my dad. Happy ending!


Awww, crud. I have usaa. They told me the same thing. I sincerely loath insurance companies. They constantly tell partial truths. I mean… they lie.




Thankfully, insurance gave me quite a bit more for my Land Cruiser than what I payed for it, which was shocking. Almost as much as I had put into it with repairs and modifications. They did only give me $500 for my topper because I had not called to get that piece insured separately. I was able to get a replacement car pretty fast with the insurance money, but at this time I don’t have it in the budget to get a new GFC. Hopefully somewhere down the line I can get another one!

Thanks everyone for the input!

@rjsarka I just got off of chat with USAA adding my camper. I have the XL with a few added options. I’ve attached the response below. Hope they’ve changed the way they do business.


It’s hard for me to read through the jargon, but it sounds like the rep in your chat exchange with USAA is saying that in the event of an accident you would receive full $$ for the GFC, on top of what $$ would be recieved for damages to the truck.

This does contradict what was discussed by others in here. Hopefully no one else has to endure the pain of only recieving $500 for their GFC after an accident.

I will be having my GFC installed next spring, and I plan to have it insured through USAA along with my standard vehicle insurance.

I just have my truck insured for a flat cost of my choosing. In the event of an accident, i just pay my deductible, and they cut me a check of the remaining. I have all of my modifications covered under that too. And I review/change it as I add more.

Progressive says they don’t need receipts for everything, but i have those also.