Critique my setup

2021 Tundra TRD OR standard cab. I am build #1308 which is still slated to be done in March. I am going to pick up my camper before I do anything to my truck. At this point, its 100% stock. The purpose of the truck is essentially an ultimate family rig. We live on the Central Coast of CA and will be using the truck for camping (obviously) in national forests throughout the country. I hunt each fall across various western states and we go to baja a lot to surf/spearfish year round. While we will spend a lot of time offroad, we wont be doing anything crazy. The goal is to run the truck until it dies, which hopefully is 20+ years. That being said, I dont want to put excess stress on the trans by putting a big tire on, and not interested in any body mod. I dont feel that we have any need for a long travel kit etc. Here’s what I am thinking for our “mods”

Deaver 1.5" Rear lift leaf spring replacement kit: (would this stiffness be ok? honestly not even sure if I am looking at the correct leafs)

Method 703 wheels: 703 | Method Bronze – Method Race Wheels


Bilstein 5100’s with a front lift of right around 2".

My questions to all of you (which thanks for taking the time to read this far) are:

  1. For what we are going to use the truck for, what are your thoughts?
  2. GFC recommended Deaver, and I know many of you do as well, but I am hoping to have a level truck with the above setup (or even the back slightly lower) once the camper is on/all said and done. Will this be accomplished with this setup? If not, which Deavers would you recommend to achieve this? I dont wan’t an ass in the air rear end.

Thanks in advance!

Choose another tire if you want to get a lot of miles out of a set. The KO2’s aren’t it.

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Not familiar with the tires or wheels, that may be more preference. Like stated before me, find a good tire to run the miles you want. As far as the leaf packs, I’ve done a ton of research on this aspect, for a Tacoma, and my recommendation would be 2 things; inquire with the manufacture of the leaf pack you choose on the weight capacity of the leaf pack and adjust as needed with what you will run on/in the bed. That would be your best bet. Second, measure ride height before and after install and see what you lose, how you like the stance, and how the feel of the truck is. Once you do that, go with a leaf pack to fit your need/wants. The leaf pack I chose was OME Dakar heavy duty springs with a constant 600 +/- lb load and they have been great for me. Again I’m a Tacoma guy so a little different.

Tundra’s sag really badly unfortunately. With the K37 rear leafs you’re putting in, they will sag with the GFC and any gear you put in the back. I put Deaver U748s in my tundra and I love them. They hold the weight really well. The K37s aren’t really made for holding any weight so thats why I went with the U748s.

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I have OME medium springs with bilstein 5100s up front on a tacoma. Excellent setup. With deavers, it’ll be even better. I’m level.
Congrats on the camper. I’m camping this evening.



Really? I got 80k out of my first set of bfg ko2’s and replaced my second set at 60k because the tread was a little low for off-roading I do but still good.


Had many sets of tires. My friends and I have never gotten more than 55k with on and off-road driving out of a set, especially going to and from Baja multiple times a year as well as low temperature snow and ice driving.

If you’re on pavement most of the time then maybe they can be a good tire. So maybe you’re on better roads for most of your miles. For comparison, I’ve consistently gotten about 70k plus out of Nitto Terra grapplers, which are also better on snow and ice, and quieter on road than the KO2 in my experience.


I have a 2020 trd pro. Go with deaver u748, they ride great with the gfc. Might want to consider some timbren bump stops too, to help with any further sag. if you are camping with the family, I imagine the truck will be loaded up and you will probably still get some sag with stock bump stops, I did.

Also on the methods, are they 0 offset? Most there 17 inch wheels are. I have 17 inch 701s and you might need some additional work to fit the tire. Although I put on 35s, I had to do a body Mount chop. Just double check fit with your mechanic before ordering everything up.

Also, I have KO2s and I think it’s the best all around tire. I’ve had nittos and general tire too, KO2s are my favorite.