Crossing Lookout pass

Hey everyone. Planning a mid January pick up for my GFC. I read another post giving people advice on travel guidelines from the GFC crew. Just wondering has anyone crossed Lookout Pass in January? I know weather is totally unpredictable but just wondering what others have experienced crossing this pass in the winter? From what I’m researching it can be pretty hairy.

It really just depends on whether there is a storm or not. I’ve been stuck in the snow on that pass in April before.

BTW… I’m also scheduled for a mid-late January install. So… I’m rolling the dice right along with you.

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I go over Look out often and never had any trouble in the winter. Heck my good buddy drove it every single day as he lived in Superior and taught school in Kellog. it is a major truck route so they keep it taken care of. Sure you might have a delay know and then but for the most part it is fine.

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I used to go between that pass 25 years ago in December and January. They have made a lot of road improvements for safety. Back then there were no dividers on the highway. Check the weather report prior and Idaho/Montana Dept. of Transportation for updates on conditions. Carry tire chains and the appropriate winter survival car kit. The only thing that can really jam you up is a tractor trailer crash or ice storm.